1. The committee will have three elected posts: Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. Membership of the committee is open to all residents of Finstock and those who have an interest in Finstock.
  3. The aims of the Committee are:
    1. To organise village events to raise funds for village groups, including those who may already have established fundraising groups.
    2. To help the integration of village groups, bringing them together
    3. To build up a body of experience, expertise and resources available to any village community group or event
    4. To investigate grant funding opportunities to underwrite the infrastructure costs of holding large events.
  4. This group is not trying to replace other village groups.
  5. Regular open committee meetings will be held.
  6. Sub groups of the committee may take a lead in the organisation of specific events
  7. The bank account will have three signatories – Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Two signatures will be required for all cheques.
  8. The group’s accounts will be available to all committee members. Annual financial reports will be available to all interested parties.
  9. The division of funds raised by each event will be agreed subsequent to the event by the committee.
  10. A request for an extraordinary meeting should be presented in writing, by a minimum of two committee members, to the Chair, who shall give all members at least eight days notice of the date of the meeting.
  11. Alterations to the rules of the committee can only be made at an EGM called for this purpose.
  1. In the event of the group ending, then all equipment and other non-cash items will be given to the Friends of Finstock School (FOFS), on the understanding that items should be made available for other village groups to borrow or hire at a nominal charge. Cash in the bank account will be divided among village groups. The shares will be decided at a meeting of the chairs of the interested village groups and the outgoing elected officers of Finstock Community Projects.