Finstock Festival 2018: The Chair's Verdict

By Colin Stringfellow, Festival Chairman

What a great feeling. A very successful festival. Fantastic weather. And everything packed away for another year. Time for our committee and all the people that helped to take a well deserved rest.

Two weeks before the festival we made the last minute decision to spend £1300 for a new 12m x 6m marquee because one of the original ones had a large tear in the cover. However we managed to find some amazing tape that enabled us to repair the split in the old cover. Combining the two marquees gave us a much larger covered area for the Festival and a considerably larger bar, which was a great improvement on previous years.

Friday evening Finstock Festival kicked-off with well-supported live music from bands Brandy and Growler. Being a free entry event on both Friday and Saturday we were able to open the sides of the marquees and really enjoy the fabulous weather.

The Festival committee organised many local musicians playing free of charge through Saturday afternoon in support of the school Fête; a big thank you to them all.

The Festival continued at 4:30pm with the Wood Green Band playing a good two hours; they were excellent. Then our rock bands took to the stage: Paradox, Midlife Crisis, and Standard. It was a fantastic line up of music to please everyone.

The Bar and Food did very well and the figures, although not complete, look very promising after last year's small loss. Hopefully this year's Festival has created a great format for future festivals.

We are still very short of volunteers for the Sunday pull down. This is a huge operation and we finally turned the keys in about 8pm.

A big thank you to everyone that helped to make our Festival a great success!

Rock on Finstock Festival 2019!